Thursday, December 27, 2012


Wow I must be bored when I start to write about mundane stuff but actually this is not that.
I dislike this time of year because to many play at being the perfect Halmark Family.They really dislike each other and unfortunately in these couple of weeks it all comes out.I wonder how many relationships are ruined during this time.Things get rehashed that happened zillions of hrs. ago and who bought the cheapest gift or cooked the worst meal shouldn't matter.  Then one word leads to another and we are of and running.To all those who are believers not very worthy oh well just thought I would throw out this thought and maybe a few will be honest and join in the conversation.



Shaynacwings said...

I know just where you are coming from Heidi. I really really don't like this time of year either. The police here have been called out to domestics one after the other starting a couple of weeks before Christmas day. There have even been a few murders too. It is shocking it happens at all.

The same thing happens in familys when inheritance come into it too.

heidi breuer said...

yes my friend the inheritance will be my next subject also happen in my ex family

Lyn Chamlee said...

My job is mental health therapy, this time of year is really busy for me. Many issues come up that cannot be fixed. I understand what you are saying.

tesstruhartz said...

I love all the holidays including Christmas.
I guess I have never had a Hall mark family, not sure how they act. This family is noisy, rambunctious, they squabble, bicker, laugh, hug, enjoy each other most of the time. No one is perfect, I guess maybe the ones that pretend are the Hallmark family?